Master's CrossFit

Don't think that CrossFit is only for the young ones.  First and foremost, we believe it is important to move well.  

We are given one body that we need to take care of and this can never stop.  In this class we place a HEAVY focus on mobility.  

We will make sure we address past injuries and/or mobility issues to make sure you are safe and headed to a place a full range of motion.  Along with this, we will teach you how to pick up objects, move objects and your body around safely.  

Sound like real life?  Exactly.  

We aren't looking to turn you into a CrossFit competitor.  

We just want you to be able to be active with your friends and family for many more years and teach you ways you can take care of your bodies to be able to do this as long as possible.  

Classes are on MWF at 6pm but you are welcome to attend any other CrossFit class as well.

If you have any questions about this program please contact us.