Have you been doing CrossFit for at least 3 months and are just looking for a new home?  We understand that each CrossFit is very different from the next and we think it's important for you to look around until you find the one that feels like it fits.  

We welcome you to try 2 classes to see what you think.  After this, we can go over prices and find a program that fits your needs.  

You can schedule your two free classes HERE.


Crossfit PE is the kind of box where you can come in & see all different kinds of people, from all different walks of life, under one roof, sharing a common bond of striving to live a better, healthier life. I am there to blow off some steam from a stressful work day, hangout with some really amazing people, & improve my quality of life. I have had shoulder issues from competitive swimming ever since I was 13; by the time I was 22 I couldn’t do a proper push up or pull up because they had gotten so bad. Since starting CrossFit back in February of 2013, I am now able to do multiple sets of push ups and pull ups, I am in the best athletic shape of my life, & I couldn’t be happier. The coaches make a great team & they have created a motivated & diverse community that I am proud to call my crazy CrossFit family.

— Denise