What’s this I hear about the D-Word?

That’s right - there’s a new swear word in town...Diet.  Let’s unpack that. When most people hear the word diet they think restriction.  They think rules and lists and counting; fads and cleanses and 30 this and thats.  Well...that’s not what I mean when I use the “D-Word.” I’m just talking about what’s on your plate - what you’re putting in your body.  Think of YOUR diet as what you’re using to fuel your everyday life.

So let’s talk about it - your diet I mean.  What IS on your plate? Are you thinking about food as the foundation for your ability to feel satisfied and connected, move freely, and stay disease free?  When you put it in that context and think of food as the fuel that will keep you energized and feeling satisfied you can start thinking about the things you CAN put in your body to help it perform its best.  Great, that takes some pressure off. Next question, what are those things?

Answer:  real foods.  It’s that simple.  The less ingredients that you can’t pronounce, the less packaging, the less pre-prepared, the better.  CrossFit’s methodology surrounding nutrition prescribes a diet of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.  Real food. Can you eat real food and still feel satisfied? 100% yes. Can you eat real food and still enjoy meals with those around you? Again, yes.  We’ve helped plenty of people tackle this one and we’re here for you too.

Next topic - moving freely and staying disease free.  We teach functional fitness, meaning we’re trying to help you stave off the nursing home longer than everyone else.  In order to do that you need to eat enough to maintain a healthy lean body mass. I didn’t say maintain a healthy weight or BMI - I don’t really care what the scale says.  What’s better; someone who is 5’6”, weighs 140 and has 38% body fat, or one that has 23%? Who is going to be able to get up and down the stairs more easily, crawl around on the floor with their kids, and feel comfortable in their clothes?  Obviously the person with less body fat, and yet, their weight is the same.

Nutrition is the foundation of your body’s ability to move functionally.  What and how much you put into it are two of the most important decisions you make on a daily basis.  Want to learn more about how to make sure those decisions are good ones? Here are the steps:

  1. Come See Us.  We’ll talk about all your questions

  2. Identify your body composition with an InBody Scan (yep, we can do that for you)

  3. Nutrition programming.  We won’t tell you what to eat.  We will help you figure out a macro balance that fits your body and your goals.

We’re here for you.  Schedule your consult today CrossFit PE Nutrition