That time of year again....

I say New Year’s and you say… that’s right – resolutions! And more often than not, it’s

the SAME resolution year after year. Get back into the gym, eat healthier, loose the

holiday weight, etc.…

We tend to hyper-focus on the days between Thanksgiving and New Years, putting too

much stress on those three little days (yes, just three days – out of an entire year) that

we are given a “free pass” to overindulge. And then when January 1 comes around we

feel the need to buckle down and “kick ourselves back into shape.” And that usually

lasts about a week, a month tops.

What if this year you committed to a change that’s more impactful than the number

that you see on the scale? What if you committed to changing your lifestyle? Not in

the first week, or month of 2019, but by building that change over the entire year.

I am all for you bettering yourself – in fact, I’m committing my career to helping you

do it – but if you’re going to implement lasting change into your life, you need to get

off the hamster wheel of making the same resolution year after year.

Here are some ideas as to how you can make changes in 2019 that will last for years

to come and serve you throughout the rest of your life:

Be Realistic.

Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-measured) goals; things

that you can put your finger on and track. Everybody wants to “get in better shape,”

but it’s hard to measure progression what that looks like. If however, you want to get

your first pull-up in the next month, and then 10 pull-ups in six months – now that’s

something we can work with, and you might even have some fun in the process!

Pencil in your Workout.

Motivation is a great way to get you started, but there’s a reason that 90% of the

population only keeps their New Year’s resolution for a couple of weeks. We were

never meant to operate for extended periods of time out of motivation. Habit

however, is something that can keep us going. If you create space in your day, or even

in your week as long as its regular (3 – 4x per week on alternating days) your

workouts will become habit and you’ll start feeling “off” if you don’t get them in.

Shake it Up

CrossFit training does a great job of varying workouts, and it’s admittedly the one

sport I haven’t burnt out on yet. That being said, it’s important for even us

CrossFitter’s to mix it up. It’ll ensure that 1) we NEVER get bored and 2) it’ll improve

your overall athleticism. Mix in some yoga, pick up a new recreational sport, or even

go for a long run (yes, I said it – one every now and then won’t kill you).

Eat Well.

Prevent over-indulging by following the 80/20 rule. Aim to eat healthy 80% of the

time and allowing “treats” 20% of the time. You can do this throughout the week, day,

or meal-by-meal.

Use the Buddy System

Finding accountability in a friend or class-members. Creating new habits is always

easier if you have people to answer to other than yourself; and we find this especially

true in fitness. Chances are, they’ll be thankful to have the accountability as well and

you’ll end up making new friends through the commitment.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and bright 2019 for us all!