Nutrition Kick-Off!

Time for those summer abs to start making their way out!

We will be doing a 6-week nutrition kick-off beginning on April 9th. Notice we said kick-off and not challenge. This is learning how to incorporate a healthy plan into your life. This IS NOT a challenge where our goal is to eliminate certain items and be crazy strict for a certain time period, because…. then what? We fall off and and we find ourselves 4 months later looking for another challenge or 30 days this, 30 days that?

Over these 6 weeks our goal is to teach you how to make changes in your lifestyle that you will carry forward, not just see if you can live without sugar and booze for 6 weeks. Most people have done these types of things and they rarely work. If you have done some kind of challenge every few months... it clearly didn’t work or you wouldn’t have to do it again. So let’s try something different.

Some of you may have heard us use buzz words like “flexible dieting” or “macros.” We will show you what those mean and how they can work for you to create a lifestyle where you can still enjoy food and drinks, but in moderation rather than constantly being on or off some kind of diet.

Here are a few details but meet us This sunday, march 31 at 10:30am to go over things:

  • You will receive an InBody scan at the beginning and end of the 6 weeks.

  • We will tell you how many grams of protein, carbs and fat to eat each day.

  • Every week you will have a scheduled check in to make any adjustments.

  • You will have a report card every week showing your percentage of adherence.

  • $149/members and $199 for non-members

  • The person with the highest score will earn their money back!