Planting for the Future

The end of another year always makes for an interesting time in the fitness industry. Coaches and trainers prepare to take in all the people who, once again, make a commitment to living a healthier lifestyle. Resolutions is a word most people use at the beginning of a New Year, but it has been well-established that people don’t keep resolutions. This term is too short sighted, and often lacks the sustainability that is needed to effectively create change. Part of what I want to talk about is the process of setting goals, and capitalizing on this opportunity to create change in your life and on your terms.

This opportunity for change needs to be something you take seriously because you want to set yourself up for success. This is an opportunity for you to be in change of how you exist, where you place your focus and how you use your energy .This season is part of the natural cycle of regeneration and renewal through change. Nature is taking a nap, letting the old parts die off in the dark and cold, and waiting patiently for the new cycle of growth to begin.

But, before growth can begin, things need to get broken up and moved around. Cultivation needs to take place, which means planning and preparation need to take place. You see where I'm going with this, right? This process happens everywhere in the world on an observable and repeated cycle and you can apply it to your fitness journey as well.

When you make the decision to pursue a healthier lifestyle, you can follow this same process. If you need it explained, you want to pursue a healthier lifestyle because it will make you a better person, and it will provide you with a higher quality of life. With this process, you can choose how you want to create improvement, and then you can design a plan to achieve that goal, and then you get to feel good about yourself for doing the thing you said you wanted to do. It really is a great way to learn more about yourself, to practice good habits, and to be in charge of how you exist.

My suggestion: don’t think of the commitments you make in January as “resolutions”. Instead, think of them as a seed you have planted for yourself.

Each time you train or each time you make a healthy food choice, you “water your seed”. If you water and nourish a seed, the only option is for growth. If you tend to the seedling that sprouts, it will continue to grow and thrive and eventually it will produce fruit. This simple process requires consistency, but it really doesn’t require much else.

Now, if you really want to get serious about producing a quality crop, you can “fine tune” the nourishment, and the water and the air temperature and the amount of sunlight, and then you can help bring to life fruit that is delicious, nutritious and satisfying. With more time and attention comes a higher quality product, and this principle also applies to how you use your body.

My suggestion: Show up to the gym regularly, like 3 times a week or more. Find a thing you enjoy, and then figure out a way to love it more. Find something that challenges you in your soul, and then figure out a way to improve your performance and overcome whatever adversity you encounter.

Make the decision to be aware of your food choices, and commit to maintaining a disciplined approach a majority of the time. Don’t obsess. Don’t rob yourself of enjoying the food you consume. Make the choice to make health and wellness your priority, while still leaving room to indulge occasionally. Find a system that works for you and stick with it until you accomplish the results you want. DRINK WATER. Don’t make excuses about work or schedules or lack of time. You want to feel good and you know nutritious food contributes GREATLY to that process. If you need guidance, ASK. Keep it simple and stay disciplined!

If you are reading this,  I assume what I’m writing is resonating with you. If so, embrace it and prepare to thrive! If not, let’s get together and chat, and perhaps we can work together to get you on track in this New Year.


The other topic I want to cover regarding the coming new year is how we build community in Crossfit, and the responsibility we have to each other as friends, and as training partners.

We are going to see a whole bunch of new faces through the month of January. New faces means new opportunities for connection, and connection is what community is all about.

My challenge to you is to find three people in the gym and commit to establishing a relationship. First, you need to find someone to chase. The person who always finishes 15 seconds ahead of you, or the person who does a set of 5 with your 1 rep max. Second, find someone to encourage. The person still working while you rushing to get your post WOD carbs. The person struggling to finish RX, even though you just did the WOD RX+. Someone who needs help and support. Third, you need to find someone different than you. The crazy-looking tattooed woman, or the quiet older guy who always works out by himself, the runner-turned-weightlifter, or the new mom training for her first Crossfit competition. Find these people in the month of January, then spend all year investing a little bit of yourself in these relationships.

This is not an idle request. If you train at Crossfit Primal Energy, I fully intend to have a face-to-face conversation with each member individually, and I expect you to be able to tell me the names of the 3 people who are going to help make you a better person in 2018. You make the choice to train here because you believe in the principles of community, and this challenge provides you the opportunity to apply these principles and practice in real life. If this feels uncomfortable, don’t worry, you’ll get over it.

I am super-excited to see what is in store for us all in the year 2018. The world around us is changing in some significant and powerful ways. With a little self-awareness and some specific attention, I truly believe you have the power inside you to effect positive change on yourself and the people around you! Happy New Year to you from all of us at Crossfit Primal Energy, let’s make 2018 a most amazing year!

As always, thank you for reading my words. Until next time… Peace.Tobias.