CFPE: Community for All

Let's talk community. 

It is something you have heard me talk about before: Community.

CrossFit isn’t for everyone, but it is for anyone.
— Coach Greg Glassman

When CrossFit first went public, back in early part of 2000, the “community” of Crossfit was comprised primarily of people who required high levels of fitness to perform their profession.

Military, police and first responder types were the only people who could endure the intensity of Crossfit and were really the only population that “needed” the kind of fitness Crossfit training provided.

Barbells at the Brewery is one of CrossFit Primal Energy's community events. 

As the popularity of CrossFit increased, the population expanded to elite athletes who began incorporating CrossFit into their training. This population recognized the “athletic” value of performing constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity.

Crossfit was moving toward the mainstream at this point, but there were still relatively few “normal” people doing Crossfit. People began to realize that Crossfit, as a system, was something completely different from the training regimens practiced at “globo gyms” around the world.

As popularity increased, and CrossFit boxes began popping up around the United States, the population of the CrossFit community began to shift. “Hardcore” gym bros started bringing their wives to workout.

Those wives started bringing their kids to workout. Those kids started showing off for their grandparents, and suddenly Crossfit was no longer just for first responders and tough guys.

There is a famous quote from Coach Greg Glassman, “CrossFit isn’t for everyone, but it is for anyone”.

Coach is famous for stating that the physical needs of an elite athlete and a grandmother vary by intensity, but they do not differ by kind.

This means that EVERYONE can benefit from exercise and movement, but the intensity and complexity must be scaled to fit the ability level of the specific, individual athlete.

At CrossFit Primal Energy, our desire to expand on the principle of inclusive fitness has created some unique opportunities.

Through our desire to provide a safe and inclusive training environment, we have opened our doors to a variety of people who may not otherwise have access to physical training.

Look at that CrossFit Primal Energy swag

I want to make sure you all know about these inclusive classes we offer, because I would really like some of you to drop in on a class and witness how CrossFit can benefit people in ways you might not have imagined.

There are three distinct populations I want to let you all know about, because they comprise groups of people you may not usually see in our CrossFit classes.

"New You" Participants

Our “New You” program is designed specifically for people who are motivated to make a big change in their lives RIGHT NOW.

These are people who are unfamiliar with all aspects of health and fitness, and need help and support to rearrange their lives to pursue holistic health. They are all beginners/novices, and the program is designed to provide extra support and accountability to get them started on their new fitness journey.
CrossFit Primal Energy enjoys hanging out outside the gym too. 

Their initial 6 week program gets them pumped up and ready to jump into our group classes, but it doesn’t really allow them to meet our members and integrate themselves into our community.

You may see New You participants on the other side of the gym during early morning or late evening classes, and if you do, I encourage you to walk by, shake their hand, make a new friend.

This action will help them feel welcome at CrossFit Primal Energy, and it will encourage them to make fitness a sustainable part of their lives.

Aging Athletes: Crossfit over 55

I hear complaints in class all the time about aches and pains as a result of “just getting old”. The participants in our Aging Athletes class are living examples that age is just a number, and not an  excuse!

All members of Aging Athletes are over 55, and a few are in their 70’s!

Like you, they come to CrossFit Primal Energy because they want move their bodies, feel good, and live life to it’s fullest!

They recognize the value of movement and training with other people, and even in their later years, continue to pursue goals and challenges that help them feel alive.

CrossFit is about doing your best


This group of athletes comes to us from an outstanding local organization called On The Move. On The Move facilitates partnerships between people with special needs/developmental disabilities and local businesses.

This group is, by far, my favorite class to coach. These athletes train twice a week at CrossFit Primal Energy, and they always show up motivated to work hard and have fun!

These athletes never complain, and they always do their best to overcome the challenges they experience in class. They are all excellent examples of the “no excuses” mentality, and I am inspired by them every time we work together!

shake hands, make friends

Now that you are all aware of the diversity represented in our community at CrossFit Primal Energy, I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and find a way to help integrate yourself into these groups and help make them all feel welcome at our gym.

You might volunteer to assist our Fun-n-Fit class. Or, you might introduce yourself to one of our Aging Athletes and chat with them for a minute or two after your workout.

Or, you might befriend a member of our New You group and help them feel more comfortable in our CrossFit class.

My point here is that community doesn’t happen by accident.
— Tobias Shea
Community takes effort. Shake hands, make friends.

We are all here together, and part of your obligation as a member of CrossFit Primal Energy is to be a welcoming presence to anyone who expresses interest in joining us.

I hope this post has provided a little insight as to why our community at CrossFit Primal Energy is so special, and how blessed we are to have all these amazing people in our lives.

As always, thank you all for reading my words, until next time…


Banner Photo: CrossFit Twins; all other photos from CrossFit Primal Energy Facebook page