Don't Call it a Comeback

This blog post is a shoutout of encouragement for everyone who has an excuse sitting on the tip of their tongue.

This is a shoutout to everyone who rationalizes their behavior to accept decisions that don’t add to their achievements.

This is a shoutout to everyone who feels defeated, to everyone who is afraid to start, to everyone who wishes there was an easier way.

I’ve been away from training for almost a full month.

I had a wisdom tooth erupt, then get impacted, then get infected. I wasn’t able to eat solid food, I wasn’t able to clench my jaw, I wasn’t able to project my voice. I made the choice to avoid training, heeding the advice of my dentist who stated that any additional trauma to my mouth would produce increasingly negative results.

I took pain meds for 2 weeks before I had the tooth surgically removed, which left me slumping on the couch by the end of the day. I ate nothing but soup for almost 3 weeks. I lost 10lbs, and for me that is not a good thing.

Taking a break is OK, quitting isn't.
I teetered on the edge of a deep depression, and managed to avoid going over the edge by leaning on my solid support network of family and friends. This last few weeks without any physical activity has been challenging in so many ways, but it has given me time to dig deep into my soul and figure out why movement and using my body are so important to me (us).

Movement, whether expressed through Jiu Jitsu or Crossfit or hiking through the forest, makes me feel ALIVE.

I crave the rush of exercise-induced endorphins.

I crave challenging my body to do something it hasn’t done before.

I crave the mental struggle to avoid giving up and pushing myself to achieve any goal I set my mind to.

I need to work to feel sane, and I need training to constantly remind me of the privilege I have as an fully-capable able bodied person. My long break provided a shift in perspective that showed me how I want to prioritize training in my life, and this perspective reminded me that I am in this for the long game, and sometimes in the long game, things don’t always go the way I plan.

What I want everyone to realize is that LIFE is cyclical, and that cycles are a natural part of existing. My encouragement to you is to pay attention to the cycles, and try has hard as you can to avoid fighting against the ebb and flow of schedules and patterns, and instead focusing on adapting to new changes and overcoming them with grace.

This idea is especially true when applied to how we use our bodies, how we age, how we adapt to the environment and people around us.

This may go against everything you’ve heard before, but what I’m saying is that it is okay to take a break. It is okay to take a sick day or a rest day or an “I don’t want to” day.

What I’m asking you to do is pay attention, be mindful, have a conversation with yourself and figure out what kind of patterns and schedules you are holding on to, and then figure out if those patterns and behaviors are helping you create the best version of yourself.

It is okay to take a break, but it is not okay to give up.

It's never OK to give up on yourself. Stay in the game. 

You need to be able to have that conversation with yourself and determine your frame of mind and your priorities, and you need to know the difference between allowing yourself needed recovery time and getting off track from pursuing your goals.

My recovery has been a slow process, and I have been mindful to take every necessary precaution to ensure I heal as quickly and thoroughly as possible. I am finally back to eating solid food, and I am focused on making food choices that support my training goals, and set an example for my clients and gym members.

I am finally back to training, and I am focused on using my fitness in as many ways and as often as possible, BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO LOSE IT.  I’m back on track with my mental game, using strong supportive words with myself to avoid falling back into patterns of behavior that aren’t serving me or pushing me toward achieving my goals.

What I want you to know is that you can do the same thing.

You can take a long break, and then come back, fully energized to pursue your goals. You can take a break and come back mentally prepared to find new challenges for yourself and work hard to achieve your objective. You can take a long break and come back to training, without complaining or making excuses, because you know that living a healthy lifestyle and making the choice to be physically active helps make you the best version of yourself.

If you want to know more about how to stay on track with your fitness goals, or if you want to discuss how to develop stronger mental game, come chat with me on the black mats. I look forward to talking with you.

Thank you all for reading my words, until next time…



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