Stronger Than You Think

Last weekend Crossfit PE went over to Bend to compete at the Oregon Winter Games.  Denise and I participated in the partner division, Nicole entered the Rx Individual division and Joe and Elizabeth competed in the Master’s Individual division.  We all had a great weekend, and we had tons of fun pushing ourselves to new levels with the help of some competition-inspired adrenaline. I know all of you hear me preach about the benefits of competing. I push the idea of competition not because we need to win all the things or prove something  but because the lessons you learn from competition are difficult to learn anywhere else. Competition provides you the opportunity to prove to yourself you are capable of more than you think. Elizabeth’s performance this weekend is a great example of my point. 

Over the weekend, Elizabeth achieved a new PR for her clean and she is stronger than she has ever been!! Last year, she competed in the Bacon Beatdown and there was a workout with a high rep scheme for pull ups.  At the time, Elizabeth was unable to complete one rep.  Last weekend, she was able to perform 25 reps of kipping pullups! If the same workout was posted at the gym, she may have decided to use a resistance band for help. But, there are no bands available in competition, so she stepped up confidently and proved to herself she didn’t need the extra help.

Participating in your first competition can be intimidating. If you think you might be interested in competing, I suggest you go watch one first. What you will find is a community of Crossfit athletes whose feelings are similar to yours. They are 100% focused on their own performance and they are just as nervous as everyone else. The people that really care are your coaches, friends,  and family and these people will all be there to support you, cheer for you and motivate you to succeed.

I competed in a weightlifting meet in Tacoma a few weeks ago.  In a weightlifting meet, you have 3 attempts to reach a max effort for the  snatch and clean and jerk. There were a few women competing who finished the meet snatching 65-85lbs. Just about everyone in our gym can hit those weights, and most of you can lift much more!!  You may think you aren’t good enough to compete but these events really are for people of ALL  skill levels. And the people in the crowd cheer just as loud for the women snatching 65lbs as they do for the guy snatching 300lbs.

Here is my final point …. it is time again for the CrossFit Open!!  This is as friendly and “cozy” as competition gets.  Over the course of 5 weeks, CrossFit HQ will post a WOD for everyone to complete and submit a score online.  We had SO MANY PR’s last year.  I guarantee you will work harder than a regular WOD and show yourself you are stronger, faster and mentally tougher than you ever imagined.  By they way, we will all be doing the workouts in class anyway, you might as well sign up, and find out where you rank in the wide world of Crossfit athletes.  Here is the link: