Not Just a Random Act

Have you ever wondered what kind of process takes place to create the Workout of the Day at CrossFit Primal Energy?

What was he thinking?

It is an interesting challenge to design a fitness program that is accessible to a broad scope of humanity, that produces results and prevents injury, and that “makes sense”. My intent is to create a program that provides physical challenges, improves quality of life, and reminds people how much they enjoy moving and using their physical body.  With that in mind, the effectiveness and safety of our Crossfit program is my highest priority, and I draw on my years of experience, education and intuition to ensure the training that takes place at Crossfit Primal Energy safely meets the needs of ALL our members.

There are a few characteristics specific to Crossfit programming that you typically will not see combined in other training programs. In an effort to provide the most inclusive and comprehensive training program possible, I incorporate each of these characteristics in a balanced, rational way. My effort is to create a training program that is broad and general, highlighted by skill development, a progressive strength-bias, and injury prevention.
— Tobias

y primary focus when creating a training program is exposing my athletes to a variety of FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS. “Functional” movements are movements based on real-world situational movement patterns. They involve movement is all planes of motion, and they use complex movements that challenge the body's central nervous system. These movements require optimal functioning of the body’s muscular, skeletal and central nervous systems, and when performed correctly, emulate the kind of work humans of the past performed on a daily basis (think hunting, gathering, foraging, fighting, self-defense, procreation, etc.). These movements are designed to challenge an athlete, regardless of intensity. These movements are challenging, at base, to ensure proper mechanics and optimal efficiency of the human movement system.

Once an athlete is moving well and injury free, my effort is to expose them to as many permutations of movement as possible. I use CONSTANT VARIANCE to create a training program that is broad and inclusive in scope, incorporating elements of Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Calisthenics, Kettlebell movements and my own creativity. My intent is to organize these elements in a way that allows an athlete to adapt to the stimulus (get bigger,faster,stronger), but also avoid boredom,  and develop a set of skills that has application in the gym, as well as in a variety of “real life” scenarios.

After an athlete has been exposed to a variety of functional movements, it is necessary to determine the appropriate training INTENSITY. Intensity is the one variable that must be monitored frequently to ensure positive adaptations are taking place, and to ensure a healthy balance between work and recovery. Please understand that “High intensity” will not always mean 100% effort. Please understand “High Intensity” will vary between individuals and can be regulated by load, duration, or volume. Continued progression requires that intensity be balanced with appropriate measures of rest and recovery in an effort to allow an athlete to continue to adapt to the training stimulus.

Obviously, these elements can be combined in infinite ways, and they should be, to derive the most benefit from each aspect of training. 

Personally, I also like to incorporate aspects of training that are fun, unique, and progressive. I believe each training session should somehow build on the previous session, and should somehow lead in to the next session. I believe physical training should include some aspect of psychological training, that the physical training also stimulates your mind. I believe in developing an infinite set of physical skills that are infinitely transferable, and that movement is what our bodies are designed for, and movement is what keeps us alive.
— Tobias

I believe training and movement should be part of EVERYONE’S everyday life, and that your “gym life” should dovetail nicely with the rest of your existence. As a member of Crossfit Primal Energy, you should be here EVERYDAY, training, recovering and improving in some capacity. The programming template I use takes all of these elements and ideas into consideration, combining them in a program that is progressive, intentional and fun!! I hope you now have a better idea of what kind of process goes in to creating the workouts we use at Crossfit Primal Energy. I am always happy to discuss subjects like this, so if you have questions, comments or suggestions, please let me know.

Thank you for reading my words and for participating in our community at Crossfit Primal Energy! Until next time...

Peace. Tobias.