Black Friday Specials!

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Balanced Habits to help you with your nutrition goals.  We are kicking this off on BLACK FRIDAY with killer deals!

Coming into the gym a few days a week is great but we can't forget about the 165 hours every week that are also affecting the way you look and feel.  The nutrition piece is well over 80% of the picture.  

With this new nutrition program, we will lay out exactly how many grams of protein, carbs and fat you will need each day to reach your goals.  You will have weekly check-in's, be required to keep a food journal and set goals with your workouts as well. 

We have our 4 week Kick Start program beginning on January 13 but if you want to get started right away we have our Life program which can be started at any time.  This is much more customized to the individual and is 6 months long to ensure you are creating new habits for the rest of your life.  

Check out these two programs HERE and look below to see our Black Friday Deals, including our Holiday Special!


28 Day Kick Start Program

*Begins on January 13

Normally $249 on sale this weekend for $199! 

What will you get from Balanced Habits KICK START?

•   A KICK START Orientation with a Balanced Habits certified Food Coach

•   Weekly assessments, guidance & food coaching

•   Awesome recipes, grocery lists, & weekly menus

•   Weekly group cardio opportunities with your fellow challengers throughout your local community

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LIFE Nutrition Program:  

•   Six months of supportive, motivating, and private nutrition appointments with your own Certified Food Coach, tailored to you and your goals!

•   Commit to finally understanding nutrition and how it affects your specific metabolism and path to your goals.

•   A 3-ring binder filled with a complete road map on proper nutrition information.

•   Meal ideas, and properly portioned, simple to follow recipes designed for your body, your tastes and lifestyle.

•   Food lists and other tools to help you learn how to create meals that work for your body, within your lifestyle.

•   Guidance and resources for how to eat in all types of restaurants and ordering order with confidence.

•   A daily food and exercise journal to hold you accountable that is closely monitored at each of your appointments with your Balanced Habits Certified Food Coach.

•   Full comparison from start to finish of your achievements and game plan for your future.

You will never have to pay for a nutrition program again. Ever.

You will receive 25% off your CrossFit membership while in this program.  

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Your Fundamentals


your first 3 months 50% off!

The catch?  You need to show up.  Offer is only good if you attend a minimum of 3 days a week.  Email for more details.