The New You Challenge is a 6-week challenge that begins on June 24th.  We will meet with you 3x/week with additional workouts and seminars throughout the 6 weeks.  We will also incorporate a nutrition program to help you reach your goals whether that be weight-loss, strength gain, both or if you join to simply kick-start you into a healthier lifestyle.  

This challenge is meant for beginners.  We know that CrossFit can be intimidating but we are starting you at the beginning and you will be surrounded with others that are also having their first day at CrossFit PE.

Our experienced coaches will make you feel challenged and safe at the same time and you will love the team atmosphere and support from not only us but from your group.  Classes will be only 10-15 so you will get to know your teammates very well and find yourself looking forward to coming in to see your new friends 3x/week.

Contact us HERE if you are interested in chatting with us more about our challenge.