It’s so true, but what if you don’t know WHAT to change?

There are tons of diets out there and it’s incredibly overwhelming. Some tell you not to eat carbs, some not to eat meat, some to eat high fat, low fat, only certain kinds of fat, eat fruit, don’t eat fruit, juice, don’t juice... oh and are eggs in this year, or out? There have been so many cycles I’ve lost track.

We believe that you shouldn’t go on ANY DIET. Our 4 week challenge isn’t about taking away a single thing or enforcing strict rules for a certain period of time. This challenge is to get you STARTED on a journey to healthier habits and we will give you the tools to keep going. It’s teaching you once and for all how to create balance with your nutrition, fuel your body and not feel like you are being deprived.

In our 4 Week Challenge you will receive:

  • Program written by a Registered Dietitian

  • Weekly check-in's

  • Weekly tip videos

  • 2 InBody scans to test body composition

  • Nutrition seminar

  • 4 weeks of meal plans

  • Healthy Steps Nutrition app to keep track of your progress

Grace Before and After.JPG
JB Before and After.JPG

The Details:

Oct. 5th: Kick-off seminar at 9:30am

Oct. 7th: Challenge BEGINS!

CrossFit PE members: $129

Non-members: $139

Want to see what you are made of?

The InBody is a non-invasive, accurate way to test your body composition. This gives us a great baseline and a way to measure progress and make sure you are headed toward your goals. Even if you aren’t doing the challenge you can always do a scan at any time.

Challenge participants receive TWO INBODY scans.